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Being a Dragon Heart in the New Age of Love

As the Dragon Heart, I come carrying the original love energy of ALL. I am the seed of all existence; I am The Heart of The Dragon. The original ancient Dragon that exists in each of you. Both spiritually and physically felt as snake aligning one’s own DNA. I am as much a part of you as you are of me. I am as You are.

Being an Angel in the New Age of Love

It is not easy for a person who has lived a lifetime as an average human being to step forward and claim herself as an Angel. It is not easy to recognize the unique energies and understandings you carry and live them out loud.

Being a Fairie in the New Age of Love

Long before The Fairie ever emerged, the human being in which she was contained was influenced by her. Seeing the world around her, the human buried The Fairie deep inside, assuming that the world of The Fairie did not exist in the world of The Human.

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